Auto Binary Signals Review : Does it really Work ?

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Product Name Auto Binary Signals
Author’s Name Roger Pierce
Category Finance
Min. Price to get Started $ 97

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Imagine having a laptop with internet connection, and cash start streaming in. Yes, that can actually happen. Sign up for Auto Binary System developed by Rodger Pierce and you’ll experience a boost in your income.

The author himself is an established option trader.

This software has been designed to help option traders to predict the present market trends and redirects the users for how to win those trades.

Auto Binary is a testified product which has proved its quality to such an extent that now there are a number of people who can vouch for it.

The software guides the traders with their options and lets them unearth new innovative and much simpler ways for making huge money online.

One can also use the software to analyse the present market scenario and guides the traders for what their next step should be.


Option trading, as a profession is gaining popularity at a really fast pace.

Due to the ease of pursuing this kind of trading, the chances of the substantial profits that it leads to and the fact that it allows the business to be operated from anywhere with anybody irrespective of the location, it is turning into a favorite for many.

Auto Binary Signals program comes as a blessing in disguise for many.

Most of us lack that knowledge and understanding of business tactics. Also, people are too impatient to work for hours and decide whether to make an investment or not.

It offers the services with just one click and analyze everything as per the present market trends which, to us would have taken quite a long time.

Rodger Pierce, a successful option trader himself is the brain behind the auto binary signal software. The software has proved itself fruitful in his case and so he decided to share the secret tricks and tips with the world so as to assist them with making money online via option trading.

The program is created in such a way that it works efficiently for everyone. As far as the working of the program is concerned, you just have to input the trends you are looking for.

The program memory saves the information and as soon as any signal provider checks it out, you’ll be informed via an update. The update would be a pop-up window which shows the trends such as ‘Uptrend’, ‘Downtrend’, ‘Asset’, ‘time frame’ etc. Also you’ll be guided through the ‘percentage-chance’ feature which shows up the probability and chances of whether the stock is worth an investment or not. Features like ‘Perfect Match’, ‘Pro strategies’ etc. are beneficial too.

The best part that comes with this software is that it finds its compatibility with almost all the existing binary trading platforms. The software has an amazing user interface which lets the new comers in the field to learn the aspects of option trading. The software is pretty easy to install and with the help of the guides, it is quite convenient to use.


There are number of things that you get with this product. Here are some of the features of this program –

  • List of brokers – If you are new to business then certainly you don’t have any pre decided list of brokers with you. Auto binary Signals system provides you with a list of trustworthy and reliable brokers. Rodger Pierce understands the fact that new users need assistance and a level of familiarity. Hence, unlike other programs in the business, this feature comes only with this product. Via this, the new users are guided and the chances of keeping your money at stake with some random broker are lessened up.
  • Predictability – Optimum trades are predicted well through the software. It allows the trading with currency pairs and other mediums too. So, you can carry on with all you’re trading at just one platform rather than having trading stocks alone. With these features, you can achieve fast trading mechanisms too.
  • Balance & Stability – The software serves as a highly reliable option and offers an accuracy rate of 80 – 100 %. This is too impressive for an accuracy rate considering any option trading software.
  • Webinars – This is one of the major highlights of the program. By buying this software to guide you for your option trading, you get free webinar services as well. These webinars are not just any random meetings on websites. Here, you can share your views and can fetch important advises from a number of successful stock traders in the business. You can use their experience to your profit and learn from their mistakes. Other than that, you are free to put up your queries in this forum and all your queries will be answered well.
  • Adaptable to market trends – The software has an unprecedented quality that it adapts itself as per the market changes and hence provides with the best and optimized profitable results.
  • Video Tutorials – Yes, you’ll get demonstrations of everything that you’re supposed to do with the product in order to use it effectively. Right from the introduction, you’ll be guided for every step throughout the program.
  • Proprietary MPMIS – This is yet another exciting feature of the program. The software comes with a custom built multi-indicator system that helps with decision precision and accuracy for trading.
  • Risk alert system – The software is pretty ‘smart’. It alerts you when to go for the trade and when not to invest. It has this feature that helps in predicting whether it’ll be right to make the investment or not.
  • Textual & PDF tutorials – Video tutorials serves as a helping hand so as to guide you through each step but that is not the only thing that you’re being offered here. After the virtual demonstration via the videos, you’ll receive a PDF manual as well which included trading advices. You’ll learn about the Stocks, commodities, currencies etc. in this program. Other than that, options like ‘Down in Value’ or ‘Up in Value’ helps you with the trends as well.
  • Patience – You don’t have to panic and patience is the key for all. You don’t have to get excited and invest at random because you now have a software to do it all for you. The program is result oriented and it’ll prove itself once you give it some time.

Summarized Features

Features Of Auto Binary Signals
Income Potential 90%
Skill Level Needed No Experience Is Needed
Total Value $ 2142.00
Discount Yes
Price One-Time Activation Fee $ 97
Signal accuracy 90%
60 day money-back guarantee Yes


The only negative factor that can be associated with this program is its being a computer program. To trust a computer program with your money comes with a little apprehension. But once you start trusting this program, you’ll realize that this was result oriented.


  • The best part about this program is the accuracy associated with the program.
  • Its ease of application is yet another benefit that its customers will get with the program. Any layman can use this program without finding any difficulty.
  • The software is compatible with almost all trading binary platforms. This can be counted among the unique features too. Many companies in the same field can’t offer such features with their platform.
  • You don’t need to have technical knowledge for using this program. It offers an enhanced visual interface due to which it gets easier to understand and use the program efficiently.
  • It has a unique feature that provides you with the calculation of the signal converting into a successful venture.
  • It helps and guides in making crucial investment decisions.
  • It provides us with the option for whether to go for the turbo option or the trade digital options, as per whichever suits us.
  • Its success rate is over 80% which is quite an impressive score for any product.
  • You are provided with Great video and PDF training support so that new users find it convenient to use and implement the program.
  • You won’t have to go researching and analyzing the latest market trends to judge if the it is suitable for an investment or not. The software does it all for you.
  • With Auto Binary Signals Program , you’ll get an amazing customer care support. In case of any issues, you can simply contact their customer support, and you’ll be attended in the shortest time with the required solution to your queries.
  • This is a risk-free program. It is testified and comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. If you feel that the product hasn’t met your expectations, you can simply avail the 60 day money back policy and you’ll be given the refund.
  • There is no subscription fee for this product.

Our Verdict

Yes, it is a must go for deal.

It is well recommended to anyone who is looking for the ultimate success formula in option trading. The product comes with an excellent track record and a guarantee that it is a legitimate option to go for. You are putting nothing to risk by buying this program. Investing in Rodger Pierce’s Auto Binary Signals would only turn into a profitable deal.

Go for it. You’ll only be welcomed with money-spinning deals.

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