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Zcode System Download

“Zcode System” is a comprehensive sports investing program that is designed to give you advice on what sports events to bet on and which ones to avoid.  It does this by analyzing a massive database comprised of 13 years’ worth of sports data and spits out its prediction based on this evidence.

Zcode gives predictions on all major U.S. sports including the NBA, MLB, NHL, and (starting in a couple of weeks) NFL.

For example, on Aug. 20th the Atlanta Braves played the Washington Nationals.  Zcode gave the Braves a 55% chance of winning the game, but the odds on them were only 2.27.  Zcode decided that there was no value in this bet, so it recommended that you don’t bet this game.

It did, however, give the Under 7.5 Runs bet a 64% of hitting.  On an even-money bet like the MLB Over/Under, there was good value, so Zcode gave it a 5-star rating, its highest bet rating.